About us


The Timeless Impact Academy aims at making mindfulness meditation accessible in  your professional life. 

In order to achieve this goal we bring along an unusual richness in expertise into the academy:

  • years of experience with meditation in both daily circumstances as well as in retreat.
  • training in Buddhist teachings within Tibetan Buddhism.
  • Long experience in teaching mindfulness meditation with a big variety of formats .
  • Expertise in positive psychology
  • Expertise in Change Management and systemic approaches to leadership and coaching.
  • Experience  in working with international groups.
  • Knowledge in a holistic approach of body and mind.
  • Leading international expertise in scientific research of meditation.
  • Experience in evaluation of mindfulness meditation programs.
  • Experience in imparting knowledge to academic and as well non-academic listeners, „face-to-face“ and as well online.

Our work is based on the understanding that Buddhist principles are timeless and can unfold their positive effects beyond certain cultural and social contexts.

Nothing is more sustainable than one’s own experience.

We, therefore, rely on the power of experience and the trust in human qualities.

Buddhist principles – especially meditation practices – have been effective for more than two millenia and are increasingly being confirmed by scientific research. Having practiced meditation for many years we are familiar with their benefits. We know ups and downs, deceptions and disappointments that can be experienced when meditating.

We all have successful careers and know opportunities and challenges of translating meditation into our professional work. This gives us the conviction that meditation can be shared in a meaningful way also in neutral settings.