Dr. Peter Malinowski

Founding Director


Reader (Associate Professor) in Cognitive Neuroscience; First Degree and PhD in Psychology [see CV]

Directs the Meditation and Mindfulness Research Group at Liverpool John Moores University

Associate Editor of the scientific journal Mindfulness

Member of the Board of Directors of the International Association Consciousness, Mindfulness, Compassion

Since 1990 practicing Buddhist.


I have the exceptional opportunity to bring meditation into all aspects of my life. 

Since 1994 I have been using my free time to learn Buddhist Meditation. In my scientific work I explore the psychological and neurophysiological effects of meditation and am engaged in applying meditation and mindfulness in different secular contexts. Together with colleagues and co-workers I developed several meditation/mindfulness programmes, including for organisational contexts (Mindfulness@Work), Mindful Eating and Mindful Ageing.

In my first book “Flourishing: Welches Glück hätten Sie gern?” (currently only in German) I demonstrate the connections between Positive Psychology, Neuroscience and Buddhist Meditation. In my blog www.meditation-research.org.uk you can read about the latest developments in meditation research.

With establishing our Timeless Impact Academy, my long-cherished wish comes true: to bring more depth into secular meditations offered around the world and to ensure that people interested in meditation are guided by well-qualified experts, firmly rooted in their own experience with meditation.

Dr. Peter Malinowski