Edda Vanhoefer

Founding Director

Edda-Vanhoefer-swDipl. Soz. Päd. (FH)

Master Degree in Social Education, Faculty of Social Sciences

I have been an independent management development consultant since 1995.

Since 2000 I have been working as Head of Change Corporation Munich.

Since 2002 I have been practicing Tibetan Buddhism.

For more than 20 years I have been working with individuals, groups and organizations. This is also reflected in the various further education courses I have successfully completed:

  • In a 3-year qualification program to become a group dynamic trainer at Team Rosenkranz (http://www.team-rosenkranz.de), I have started to read dynamics in teams and today I can enable others to utilize and control team dynamics.
  • The training program by Peter Senge in Boston (http://www.solonline.org) which had “learning organization” as main subject, made me understand the determining factors for long-term success of corporations. Today, I pass on this knowledge around structures and processes in my role as consultant for systemic organizational development.
  • I experienced the inner processes and their outward impact during my 2-year education program in systemic somatic-psychotherapy (http://www.i-f-w.de) which I completed successfully as certified psychotherapist (alternative practitioner). I am using this competence now when coaching leaders.

Furthermore, I am working as master trainer for systemic management, process consultation and systemic coaching. I am a lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences (FH) Munich and lead trainer for the Coaching Academy Berlin (http://www.coachingakademie-berlin.de).
I am officially approved by the German Association for Coaching and Training (http://dvct.de), certified as Systemic Coach by the European Coaching Association, Master-Coach & and -Trainer (http://www.european-coaching-association.de/) as well as certified to work with MBTI.

A systemic-constructivist perception forms the basis for being able to consistently adopt and impart new points of view and perspectives.

I enjoy working with my clients’ reality constructions and I am effective when succeeding to adopt helpful and meaningful perspectives within the companies’ operative and strategic processes. This normally results in an extended repertoire of actions for my clients.

I was often asked to also include meditation in my leadership development trainings or individual coachings. My work with the Timeless Impact Academy opened up the possibility for me to offer my clients also a secularistic form of meditation which trains sympathy and wisdom and expands their ability to experience the world as it is.

Edda Vanhoefer