meditation trainer basic

applying meditation in your professional life

I. The basic training

This one-year training is for those people who wish to integrate meditation and mindfulness into their professional activities. The prerequisites are an interest in meditation or previous meditation experience. 

The possibility of applying meditation or methods of mindfulness in your professional setting is also necessary.

Goals of the basic training

  • a responsible attitude towards meditation within a professional context
  • an awareness of the effects of meditation
  • knowledge of philosophy and models necessary to explain meditation 
  • a personal meditation practice
  • the capability to guide and explain meditation
  • a positive attitude towards oneself and others
  • constructive handling with ones own emotions and experience 
  • awareness of ones own skills, impact and potential
  • ability to support learning processes in oneself and others
  • ability to express ones offer coherently to the target group
  • having a basic knowledge of the market
  • ability to read scientific or so called scientific articles critically 
  • basic evaluation skills
  • ability to guide ones own further development
  • 12 days of training – 3 x 1 days and 3 x 2 days of training + 3 x 1 day supervision in groups + 2×1 hour individual supervision per person.
  • regular meditation with documentation about ones own practice and as well as guidance of small groups in meditation.
  • 4 webinars with Dr. Peter Malinowski about meditation and science.
  • 250 hours  meditations-practice every year seems a fitting guideline to make you into a good meditationtrainer. Practice makes perfect. With 30 minutes meditation per day one manages to practice 180 hours per year. Together with small excercises within your work with e.g. 15 minutes one manages to create another 50 hours of experience. Whoever manages to include practice days within the year easily creates more hours and different perspectives of experience. All the will make you into a good trainer.

Beside the common trainings and supervisions the basic training involves the following  mandatory elements:

  • documentation of you guiding a practice session, either in written form, or preferred as audio or video recording
  • preperation of content for following modules
  • 2 h individual supervision
  • have your personal diary for learning
  • participation in retreats of different formats e.g. 3 x 4 days; 6 x 2 days; 4 x 3 days. Retreats deepen your own experience with meditation. The first year of the basic training is only the beginning. Human maturity needs time. Practicing meditation is a fundamental element in this process. In the future the Academy will offer its own retreats and will as well recommend partners of cooperation. 

The basic training involves more then practice and theory. Beside individual meditation you excercise to guide others in meditation, to explain them meditation and to answer possible questions of your future customers.  You learn to give and receive feedback and thus you are able to deepen your practice step by step. Additionally you reflect your own attitude, techniques and way of expression. We presume that participants take responsibility for their own developement and trust in the skill of selfregulation and unfolding ones potential.

modul 1: basics and attitudes

  • attitude in guiding meditation
  • models of explanations and exercising meditation
  • building options to excercise
  • building ones own individual meditation practice

modul 2: supporting learning processes  

  • different formats in offering meditation
  • working with the body
  • Techniken für Kontaktgestaltung in Meditationsgruppen
  • dealing with dynamics in meditationsgroups

modul 3: developing meditation programs and positioning on the market

  • knowing the market
  • defining different programs
  • definition of targetgroups und creating ones own offer 
  • coherence of ones own positioning
  • evaluation of meditation exercises

modul 4:  view and action

  • meditation in the context von ethical principals
  • meditation and view – developing ones own position  
  • compassion and wisdom
  • requirements for achieving the certificate of the Timeless Impact Academy and future prospects

webinare between the four moduls

  • The meaning of scientific research for meditation practice
  • relevant findings of brain research in respect to meditation
  • being able to rate scientific articles 
  • recomondation of literature and studies
  • evaluation of ones own meditation offer

2.400 Euro plus VAT if applicable (Germany) for attendees paying privately
2.900 Euro plus VAT if applicable (Germany) for attendees paid for by their company
Plus 5% surcharge for payment in instalments

Accommodation and food is not included. 
Also not included are any practice days and/or retreats necessary to complete the Basic Meditation Trainer Programme. 



Last Basic Training 2019 in Thessaloniki

01. – 03. february module 1
22. – 24. march module 2
21. – 23. june module 3
06. – 08. september module 4


Thank you for your interest. At the moment we go through and refine our offers. We kindly ask you for your patience.

If you would like to receive information about further developments, please give us your contact in the form below. 


The basic training aimes at people, who wish to integrate meditation as a regular tool into their personal life or do so for a while already. This is an indispensible prerequisite for being able to use meditation within professional life.

Additionally participants need to be in a profession that allows them to convey elements of mindfulness meditation. 

If you are inspired to take part in the “basic training” please contact us. After a personal talk we gladly send you our questionnaire. 

In this form you will find questions about your motives for taking part in our “basic training” and as well questions about your experience and backgrounds in relation to meditation.

After completing the form please send it as mail in .pdf, .word or .pages format to

Procedure in short

  1. Contacting via E-Mail 
  2. preliminary talk to get to know each other
  3. sending the filled questionnaire.
  4. Acceptance and reception of invoice for the training
  5. Registration is valid after payment of half of the trainingsfee. The other half  needs to be paid until 6 weeks prior to the second modul.

Registration form

Please use this form for contact. All fields have to be filled.
datas from this form will be used to answer your application and are transferred via a secure connection.
Our complete qualification program

Becoming a meditationtrainer  – supporting human development with meditation”

Meditation arrives more an more in the middle of our societies and many People wish to integrate meditation into their active lives. The program of the Timeless Impact Academy qualifies you step by step to become a meditation trainer of the  is a step by step training. It enables you to translate your personal skills in meditation into a business context und to offer a solid, flexible and high quality product in your own business field.

The qualification consits of three parts:


  • a one-year basic course, which enables you to meditate yourself and to make experiences in guiding others in mindfulness meditation 
  • an advanced level which gives you the time to deepen your own meditation through daily practice and by attending retreats This enables you to participate at the certification seminar.
  • a certification seminar, which results in obtaining the seal of a certified meditation trainer at the Timeless Impact Academy.

This qualification involves the competence and authenticity for guiding meditation

• within your own profession
• in organisations, public institutions or civil cervices, who are open for meditation. 
• in  verschiedenster Größen
• bei Konferenzen, Kongressen oder in ähnlichen großen Settings


Our training aims at people, who meditate regularly for a while already or are willing to do so. 

This is a fundamental prerequisite for being able to use meditation in a professional context authenticly. Of course it is necessary that our participants work in a professional context that is open for the application of meditation. Last but not least helps our training those who wish to further their competence and personality through the method of meditation.

Attitude and views underlining our work have a buddhist background. We are in continuous exchange
with Dr. Peter Malinowski, the founder of the Timeless Impact Academy. Dr. Peter Malinowski is „Senior Lecturer in Psychology at the Research Centre for Brain and Behaviour at Liverpool John Moores University“. With him we ensure to have actual scientific informations. On top we work with views and methods from systemic and constructivistic perspectives (Luhmann, Fritz B. Simon), with family therapeutic aspects from Virginia Satir a.o., group dynamic concepts (Kurt Lewin) and theories from the context of learning organisations by Peter Senge.

The conception and performance of our trainings is based on our professional and personal life experience.