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Varieties of Meditation

Get to know us and experience meditation

What exactly is meditation? Is meditation scientifically proved to be effective? How do I explain others why I love to meditate? How do different meditations feel like? What kind of meditations do we offer? Which meditation is good for me? How do I meditate correctly?

Questions like these are asked by many people.

Courses about meditation and mindfulness are offered in a huge variety. The market is big and in constant move: MBSR (mindfulness based stress reduction), MBCT (mindfulness based cognitive therapy), body scan, meditation on the breath, loving kindness meditation, Vipassana, Zen, walking meditation… Getting a meaningful overview is a challenge.

Yet, all these offers can be placed in manageable groups. After the workshop you will be able to see through the meditation jungle.

The workshop “Varieties of Meditation” gives you a practical introduction into the four main methods of mindfulness practice and their contexts. The focus is on short exercises framed by explanations and exchange.

You will get an introduction to the methods available on the “market”, learn to differentiate between them and chose more consciously. Or just be inspired to exercise  on your own!

The workshop gives you an orientation into our Meditation Training Basic: a one-year training, which empowers you to begin integrating meditation into your professional life. 

This course is for you

  • if you want to get a taste of meditation and mindfulness.
  • if you want to get an overview of various mindfulness exerises.
  • if you already work with meditation and want further training. 
  • if you want to get to know us and the work of the academy.
  • if you want to earn the seal of the Timeless Impact Academy, which enables you to become a trainer within the academy and empowers you to fully integrate meditation into your business.


10 am to 6 pm

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  • Greece: 120.- €
  • snacks and beverages are included
  • number of participants is limited.
  • please book your own hotel.



HP Karola Bettina Schneider

Berufsfeld: Traditionelle Chinesische Medizin; maßgeschneiderte Meditationskurse für Unternehmen
Mitbegründer der Timeless Impact Academy
Zertifizierter TIA Meditationstrainer


Edda Vanhoefer Dipl. Soz.-Päd.

Berufsfeld: Trainerin für Team-und Organisationsentwicklung, Führungskräfteentwicklung, Coach.
Mitbegründerin der Timeless Impact Academy
Zertifizierte TIA Meditationstrainerin


Claudia Handwerker

Zertifiziert im Jahr 2016
Berufsfeld: Associate Scientist (Pharma Branche), Yogalehrer Hatha Yoga, Atemtherapie nach Cornelius Veening

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Our complete qualification program

“Becoming a meditationtrainer  – supporting human development with meditation”

Meditation arrives more an more in the middle of our societies and many People wish to integrate meditation into their active lives. The program of the Timeless Impact Academy qualifies you step by step to become a meditation trainer of the  is a step by step training. It enables you to translate your personal skills in meditation into a business context und to offer a solid, flexible and high quality product in your own business field.

The qualification consits of three parts:


  • a one-year basic course, which enables you to meditate yourself and to make experiences in guiding others in mindfulness meditation 
  • an advanced level which gives you the time to deepen your own meditation through daily practice and by attending retreats This enables you to participate at the certification seminar.
  • a certification seminar, which results in obtaining the seal of a certified meditation trainer at the Timeless Impact Academy.

This qualification involves the competence and authenticity for guiding meditation

• within your own profession
• in organisations, public institutions or civil cervices, who are open for meditation. 
• in  verschiedenster Größen
• bei Konferenzen, Kongressen oder in ähnlichen großen Settings


Our training aims at people, who meditate regularly for a while already or are willing to do so. 

This is a fundamental prerequisite for being able to use meditation in a professional context authenticly. Of course it is necessary that our participants work in a professional context that is open for the application of meditation. Last but not least helps our training those who wish to further their competence and personality through the method of meditation.

Attitude and views underlining our work have a buddhist background. We are in continuous exchange
with Dr. Peter Malinowski, the founder of the Timeless Impact Academy. Dr. Peter Malinowski is „Senior Lecturer in Psychology at the Research Centre for Brain and Behaviour at Liverpool John Moores University“. With him we ensure to have actual scientific informations. On top we work with views and methods from systemic and constructivistic perspectives (Luhmann, Fritz B. Simon), with family therapeutic aspects from Virginia Satir a.o., group dynamic concepts (Kurt Lewin) and theories from the context of learning organisations by Peter Senge.

The conception and performance of our trainings is based on our professional and personal life experience.

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