Trainees at the Timeless Impact Academy

First trainee in the current qualification

We are very happy that one of our first certified students of the year 2016 now became a trainee in the current qualification. The group of 2016 has been friends of ours, who as well already had many years of meditation experience.

Therefor it is a happy moment for us to have these Freunds along in our work. We work on bringing the academy on the international market. As we started the Timeless Impact Academy being almost in full-time jobs at the same time, it is our wish to ground our work on more legs then ours.

The requirements of having really good trainers at our side includes their working within the vision of the founders of the Academy: giving a timeless, secular and effective training, which differs from other short trainings. It looks like having a deep meaning within our

Having arrived here we deeply thank the participants of the first course for their courage, engagement and their feedback. It helped us to get along. Not all the participants came towards the certification, but were not less precious for the Development of the Academy. Our certified trainers work with meditation in their own profession and partially as trainers for the Academy.